Numbers are the weakest link in the industry.  However, when used and explained properly to your prospective home buyer, the numbers can become you stongest selling tool. 

Stop hiding behind excuses about "tough prospects" and "down markets" and exemplify a new way of talking about home ownership that will have your customers asking you for the sale. 




The Closing Numbers

Let's face it - buyers exect you to know the numbers. Luckily enough, John's book makes mastering the numbers a cinch!



Most consumers and salespeople can’t compute numbers in their heads, even though mathematical figures are crucial in this business. Financing is much more than just the price of a home. The numbers are greatly involved with the sale, including: rent-to-own, tax deductions, appreciation, up-selling, and true cost of ownership. However, only 2% of all salespeople – the sales masters – truly understand the numbers and use them as their secret weapon.

Salespeople have been told time and time again that customers buy on emotion and justify with logic.  Unfortunately, the profound meaning of that concept remains a mystery to most salespeople.  This dynamic, interactive book dissects that vague notion and explains the science of using “The Closing Numbers” to increase your sales.  Learn what it means to understand the numbers and quit using pre-printed forms.

In The Closing Numbers, John Palumbo reveals :

The vital role of numbers in the housing industry
What motivates people to buy and how to ignite a fire
The art of down-selling

Why buying makes so much more sense than renting, and how to easily explain why to prospects  

Understanding the numbers and how to use them to increase sales
Techniques for motivanting buyers to act, and to act now
A step-by-step formula for closing through the numbers

Cutting-edge closing strategies to keep afloat in today's challenging market

Fool-proof pre-qualifying techniques
Tactics for overcoming objections



 The Closing Numbers




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